Akan ku tulis hal yang ku suka dan mudah-mudahan bermanfaat bagi kita semua.

Welcome to Indonesia 2010

What will be happened with the Indonesia ten years overcome? There is possibility tahat biggest state in South-East Asia can go up like the big nations of Europe and become the middle strength after United States, China, Uni Europe, and India. But, it just one possibility. There are some condition absolutely which must be fulfilled in advance. Firstly, every year Indonesia reach the growth domestic product of bruto. Secondly, degrading the state of debt and decreasing the amount of poorness. Thoerdly, strengthening to democratize and rule of law. Next, protecting human right. Lastly, modernize the state formation and erasing the corruption.

According to condition which must be chockablock with the existing fact now, it seems very difficult for this country as equivalent as the nations of veto right owner. INDONESIA not possible can go forward otherwise degrading the corruption level and strengthening to democratize. According to Transparency International, Indonesia is most corrupt state in world, and Jakarta is the corrupt town. That is not only making Indonesian people difficulty and also overseas bussinessman must to pay for multifarious service which in fact have to be obtained free of charge.

Other problem that also influence the growth of Indonesia state is the problem of health. Whether less health service totally and also less indonesian people awareness to health. In this time health service of hospital less effective. Service to economic class which is generally free of charge be uncared and less getting to attention. The point of view like that must be altered by this nation so that ten years come ready to become the healthy super of Indonesia 2020.

The growth rate every year increase progressively, possibility in 2020 that the resident of indonesia increase around 20-30 % from previously. This matter is inverse with proportional of employment and also fundamental food-stuff supply which must be fulfilled. Because agriculture farm narrow progressively was effect by extension of settlement on a large scale. Food price even also progressively increase every year.

Price of foods which increase every year, more make number of bad nutrient suffer. Subsidy from government which has been distributed can not suffice needs of food from under society. Sometimes, subsidy from government has been distributed, often undistributed to under society. Many of certain parties which abuse this subsidy. Less of job vacancy, indirectly also affect increase number of bad nutrient suffer. The more people who have not worked, the higher number of poverty. So, it make a family more difficult to fulfill their family’s nutrient.

the picture of indonesia in 2020 have explained above. Problem like The high growth rate require to be depressed for balance and availibility of employment. Sufficient of Nutrition to indonesia is very required to assist the development of human resource with good of quality. In each journey of state which is from developing countries into developed countries have to be drawn up a lot of change.


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