Akan ku tulis hal yang ku suka dan mudah-mudahan bermanfaat bagi kita semua.

I want to tell you about my interest in something. I am very interested with the one of quadruped. I like this animal so much because this animal is very unique and funny. Mostly people say that this animal is very tardy and have the long ages. This animal earn life in land also in water. But, it isn’t included in amphibious class like frog but reptile class. I am sure that you have conceived the animal what I intend in my mind. The animal is a tortoise.

Until now about during two annuals, I have been take care of four tortoises. But, only one of them still alive until now. I always think the caused of my tortoises can’t still alive any longer. Do I have made a mistakes? I will tell you about it and I hope you can take a conclusion about my tortoises and I.

My first tortoise called Albert Einstein. I am very admiring of that figure, so that any my property or everything of me was named “Einstein” by me. I bought Einstein in Johar market. Besides, I bought the cage and food also for Einstein. At that moment I was thinking that Einstein could be an amusement in my spare time. First week, I took care Einstein and also gave more attention routinely. I always played with him in the garret of my boarding house. According to advice which is described at box of food’s tortoise, that tortoise should to take a sunbath below one hour everyday. Einstein still healthy.

One day, I had so many tasks. And I should to finished it. That morning, I have planned to put Einstein in garret about one hour. After that, I would go to my friend’s boarding house to finish our tasks. At that time, I left my boarding house without reinstating the einstein’s cage into my room. In my friend’s boarding house, I felt oblivious something. But I just disregarded because my tasks was more important.

After I finished my tasks, I returned to my boarding house immediately. I was remember that I had not feeding einstein yet. When I was in the garret, I was very surprise. Einstein was died. I was regret, moreover I felt sorrow because I have left him. I have forgotten to feeding him also. That is the end of my first tortoise’s story.

My second tortoise named Einstein Alva Edison. I called Edison. I kept Edison two weeks later after Einstein was died. As well as Einstein, it happened to Edison too. But it was different cause. I gave Edison much feed, so that poisoned himself. Before, I had thought if I gave tortoise much feed, it could make him more healthy. And I never thought that it could make the bad effects for tortoise.

My third tortoise has lost bizzare considerably. I haven’t  given the name of my tortoise yet, the tortoise was not in the cage. Several hours after I bought that tortoise, I put it in the cage. Then, I left the cage in my room and I went outside to buy some foods. After I bought some foods and I came back to my room. What surprise I was that my tortoise have lost without footstep. I have been negative thinking with others. But, I threw away that mind immediately. I assumed that possible if my tortoise got away from the cage. Until now, I still have been thinking about my tortoise.

My last tortoise named John Einstein Kepler. I called Kepler. I thought that Kepler become my lovely tortoise. He was different tortoise than before. His body was heavy and bigger because he is older than other my tortoises. I didn’t buy this tortoise. I found him in the gutter near my boarding house when I was walking along evening. I saw something that oscillate under scrapheap. Then, I came nearby to looking for the answer of my curious. I felt glad at that time. Besides, I also felt scared that occurence previously going to recurred again. I deciced to entrust my tortoise was kept by my brother. As a result, Kepler was growing up and still healthy until now. My brother has been taking careof my tortoise about five months.

From my tortoises’s story above, I am sure that you have concluded about myself. Based on my experiences, I have been conscious that I just have less attention to my tortoises. I am interested only, but I am not too good to be animal’s keeper. I hope that one year later, if I have any animals, I will take care and give more attention. That’s my experience about tortoise. If you want to keep the tortoise, I suggest you don’t ask to me about procedural for take care of the tortoise. Because you really know what I intend.


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