Akan ku tulis hal yang ku suka dan mudah-mudahan bermanfaat bagi kita semua.

Good Habbits for Good Health

Reaching good health condition is a desire of all people, not only individual, group and society also. Healthy according to Medicare Legislation Number 23 year 1992 is a safe and prosperous situation of body, soul, and social; which is everyone has a productive life social and economicly. Meanwhile, healthy according to WHO ( 1957) is a situation and quality of functioning of body’s organs that function normally with all genetic’s factor and environment.

Realizing the healthy state started from smallest unit in state, that is an individual. Individual’s health status consist of the health nutrition, the physical health, and spiritual health. Someone is told healthy if three of conditions was fufilled intactly. Sometimes many peoples do not care to keep their health. Their opinion that healthy life style is too expensive. Though, if it is calculated among medication more expensive than ill prevention. Actually, healthy life style is cheaper. In this article will be explained the efforts of taking care of the body to be healthy.

Health Nutrition can be realized by pattern of healthy eating. The pattern of healthy eating must at least three criterias which must be fulfilled. the first, the amount of food was consumed should to be balanced between amount of calorie which enter summed releasing energy. If the amount of calorie which enter bigger than the amount of releasing energy will be overweight. Secondly, type of food which is consumed must to contain the carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, specific nutrient, and fibre. To fulfill requirement of fibre should to consuming fruits and vegetables. Thirdly, timing of eat regularly, just eating in a little of portion frequently and regularly is better than eating in a big portion rarely.

Physical fitness can be taken care by excercises frequently. Sport represent the healthy life style which should be accustome since childhood, so that in the future our body become healthy and hardly be hit by disease. Because our body become old progressively so that its endurance will be downhill automatically. Sports will pursuing the degradation of endurance. The benefit of excercise such as improving our brain ability, delaying aging process, decreasing stress, improving endurance of our body, and increasing of our selfconfidence.

Spiritual health refer to emotional health, psychical health, and soul spiritual. Positive thinking and unsuspecting to others including to healthy of behavioral. Be honest, respecting to others, and esteeming to each other can make heart calmness and negative feeling be far away. Channelling of hobbies is good to eliminating stress for instance listening music, fishing, singing, drawing, etc. And also grateful represent the way of  keep spiritual health.

Some explanation above can be made a suggestion to keeping in good health intactly and completely. Taking care of pattern of healthy eating, excercises regularly, and take care of the emotional stability and also obey to have religious service can realize body and spirit health can be envisioned by all people. With a healthy of body will be created a healthy of soul so that can build the wonderful generation also.


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