Akan ku tulis hal yang ku suka dan mudah-mudahan bermanfaat bagi kita semua.

iseng iseng berhadiah

Jalan Banyuputih II No. 19
October 10, 2009

HRD Manager of Pertamina Jakarta Hospital

Subject : Application for The Post of Nurse

In response to the information about the post of Nurse vacancy in your institution published on October 6, 2009, I would like to apply my services and hope that you would give me an opportunity of profing my worth to you.
I am at present about 23 years old and have got sound health and physique.
I passed my S1 degree of Nursing Science from Diponegoro University majoring in Nursing Science Programme, Faculty of Medicine in June 13, 2007 with GPA 3.76 scale of 4.
I am a dynamic, caring, and hard working person. I always try to make anything of my responsibility well done and organized. Besides, I really appreciate the times. As a Nurse, I always do my job and caring my client with a heart full of love.
All my life, I have got a lot of experience of nursing. I have working during  in one of hospitals.
Until this time, I have attended a number of seminars or workshops which are very much beneficial to improve my capability to provide and give the best service to my work.
For further information, I am enclosing herewith a copy of S1 education degree certificate, a copy of academic transcript, a set of curriculum vitae (CV), a copy of identity card, two recent photographs, and some certificates or testimonials.
Considering my application, if your honor kindly confers on me for the post applied, I shall try my best to please you with my honest and hard work. Thank you very much.
Hoping for your favorably reply.

Yours Faithfully



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